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Well hi there


Wow so umm basically, in the past like 6 hours:
• I broke 200 followers
• A post of mine from a while ago proceeded to reach 1 thousand notes
• My brother got engaged
• Said post that hit 1 thousand notes is now at 11 thousand notes

So this is just a thank you I guess? I’m not sure. All of this hasn’t hit me at all. Literally I feel no emotion right now and it’s starting to scare me. Any who, you’re really kewl so thanks.



One of my favorite lines in the show

  • Me: *trying to sleep* WHY IS IT SO HOT
  • Me: *takes socks off* oh.







Holy shit our lungs are crazy

I don’t know whether to be disgusted or amazed…

meat balloons

these are doing this inside you right now 

This gifset reminded me to breath, thanks.

…. is that a doily it’s on?

  • Me: *trying to sleep* WHY IS IT SO HOT
  • Me: *takes socks off* oh.
Anonymous asked: i want to die and im sick of people saying it will get better because ive been waiting and nothings gotten better and nothings changed and im just tired of living


U don’t just wait for things to get better!!! That sounds miserable. U have to actively take steps & make changes in your life if you want to see a difference. I mean…yes, there is always the chance of something unexpected & incredible happening that is beyond your control…but u can’t rely on that. However, that’s the cool part about life, something great could happen at anytime. Maybe it’s a small chance, but if you aren’t alive, there is a 0% chance. I’ve had so many things happen to me that 5 years ago I would have never conceived to be possible. In the meantime, work towards getting better. Find ways that help for you in particular!!! A lot of methods don’t work for certain ppl, but you just have to keep trying & experimenting. Some things that help me are: talking to friends, writing, creating something, staying busy, exploring, freestyle rapping, taking photos, trying new things, going to shows, eating an entire bag of trail mix, pacing, listening to cassette tapes, listening to music in general, going to parks when it’s warm, going anywhere when it’s raining, skateboarding, riding a bike, going to baseball or football field at night, playing basketball, ect ect ect. Those r all very simple things and there are probably 1000 others that I didn’t list. Just find cool fun things that make u personally feel good & try to do a few of them each day. They may all be different than mine who knows. Don’t look for excuses or talk urself out of doing everything. If you’re stuck in the same thought pattern that “nothing will get better” then u might not notice when it does. Maybe it already has. Maybe there are tons of good aspects that u are overlooking. Literaly just persevering is important too. School will end, jobs will end, there r awful ppl that u will never have to see again after a certain point. The more painful situations u experience & the more u learn…the easier things will get. Ur life will never be perfect or magically rid of all problems. You just get better at dealing with them. I am tired of living & empty sometimes too. Maybe 50% of the time. But half of the time, my mind is a lot clearer & I am scared of dying, I want to treasure every single second I have. I guess it’s all weird. I am thinking more lately that I am probably not qualified to give advice. Hopefully this helps you in some way though. The most general & important advice is just to keep going on & keep trying & eventually u will reach a point where everything makes more sense. Good luck my friend





its been scientifically proven the person reading this is the cutest and is beautiful



Can’t argue with science.





Several new pieces have been added to The Closet! Lots of spring & summer accessories that everyone can wear!

The Closet is another room in the virtual House of Alexzander where you can quite literally buy clothing and accessories right from the wardrobe of Elliott Alexzander. The purpose of this came from an idea to literally sell the clothes off their back and use the funds to launch a project that Elliott believes the world needs. One of the worse feelings is going into a department store and finding clothing that you absolutely love, but won’t buy because the store does not offer specific cuts and sizes for EVERYONE! The idea is to create a brand that offers everyone the opportunity to buy fashionable clothing that actually fits. No matter if you are what society calls “plus size” no matter if you have big feet, no matter if you have a flat chest… We want to create a brand that is for everyone! Clothing is such a basic way for individuals to express themselves and it should be available to everyone, yet the gender variant community is STILL left unrepresented. Not to mention, the degrading terms used by chains and department store like “plus size” or “for men/for women” … NO!!!!
Clothes are clothes, and its the dream of Elliott Alexzander to provide everyone with clothing tailored for every body type, every gender identity… for every human being.

Soon, The House will be launching a kickstarter page so that individuals who do not want to buy clothes/accessories from The Closet, can still donate and be apart of the movement Elliott Alexzander is creating within the gender variant & body positive community through fashion.

To visit the closet follow this link,

This guy is literally real-life Ayame.




Who else misses Tumblr before it was this?

Tumblr’s Greatest Hits:Now That’s What I Call Privilege 

Th wolf one though

She wss literally saying “oh I love my wolf hat” like???? How the fuck is that bashing otherkin?????


tbh i literally say “literally and tbh” literally all the time tbh